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Nina Zakharenko

Hi, I’m Nina Zakharenko. I’m a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, focusing on Python. Before Microsoft, I wrote code for other cool companies like Reddit, Meetup, and HBO. In my spare time I like drinking scotch and tinkering with wearable electronics. I enjoy hiking and snowboarding from my home base in Portland, Oregon. I change my hair color regularly.

I’ve been involved in the Python community for approximately 6 years. During that time I’ve spoken at multiple Python conferences on a variety of topics, including PyCon US, PyParis, DjangoCon, and even PyCon Russia in Moscow.

Stay in touch

I occasionally blog on Medium at @nnja. You can find out more about me on my homepage nnja.io.

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My Conference Talks

You can watch a selection of my talks on YouTube such as: