Day 1

An Introduction to Python

Let’s talk about the anatomy of a Python program, along with Python best practices like naming and commenting.

Today you’ll be learning all the foundational basics of Python. How to work with different data types, the Python control structures, best practices, and lastly an exercise in interacting with APIs.

Day 1 Overview

By coding along with me in this workshop, you’ll:

  • You’ll learn about the origins of Python, and how it can help you solve complex problems quickly.
  • Learn about the different data types Python has to offer, including tips on when and how to use each one.
  • Understand the control flow of Python programs - loops, boolean statements, if statements, and return statements.
  • Make your code more concise by writing reusable functions.
  • Learn to use Python packages from the standard library, as well as how to find and install external libraries.
  • Learn how to work with files on your filesystem by reading and writing to them.
  • Write programs that interact with APIs by sending requests and receiving responses.