Wrapping Up

Source Control

I highly recommend that you use source control while working on your Python projects. GitHub is a popular and free option.

Source control lets you track changes to your project. You can use that to your advantage to commit early and often and track changes to your project.

If you’re not familiar with how to use git or GitHub, you can watch my Git In-depth Frontend Masters class. For Python projects, make sure that you use the correct .gitignore file. GitHub provides a free template that you can use.

Next Steps

Now you know the basics, just enough to get started with working with APIs in Python with the requests library. You know just enough to see how powerful Python can be. You can chain all of these requests together into a fully functioning program that does so much more.

The next topics to study are: * How to authenticate to APIs * How to use the other HTTP methods, just as POST to create resources, or PUT to update them * Read the requests Quick Start Guide

Additional Resources