Day 2

Intermediate Python

During day two, we’ll start getting more comfortable with some of the more advanced aspects of Python, like classes, list comprehensions, and the standard library. At the end of the day, you’ll know enough to build a small interactive API using the Flask web framework.

To fully participate in todays class, you must have VS Code set up locally, along with Python version >= 3.7. You must be familiar with all the concepts from Day 1, including running Python programs, simple and complex types, boolean logic, control statements, and looping. If you’re not sure, start with Day 1.

Day 2 Overview

By coding along with me in this workshop, you’ll:

  • Use object-oriented programming to organize your code.
  • Diagnose problems in your Python programs by understanding Exceptions.
  • Work with new features in Python3 that make Python easier than ever, such as f-strings.
  • Learn about generators, a Python feature that allows you to loop over large data sets in a memory efficient way.
  • Learn how to build interactive APIs and websites efficiently using the Flask web framework.